Andreas Renberg

Known on the internet as IQAndreas

The languages I have been required to dabble in have varied from ActionScript to Java, from Ruby to Python, from PHP to JavaScript. Okay, so maybe the languages don't vary that much. They are nearly all object oriented, and only tend to vary slightly in syntax and libraries; it's not like I have ever worked on a project in Lisp.

Nonetheless, nearly every personal project I work on is open source, and usually finds its way onto GitHub:

Some recent or significant projects of mine include:

  • FlixelCommunity/flixel
  • IQAndreas/
  • IQAndreas/github-issues-import
  • IQAndreas/markdown-licenses
  • IQAndreas/bash-last-login
  • IQAndreas/jekyll-static-comments
  • IQAndreas/php-spam-filter